Adult Halloween Party- Hallowine and Spirits

Adult Halloween Party- Hallowine and Spirits

In our world, as much as we plan events for a living we also love hosting them. Halloween is like Christmas around here, a chance for a hundred theme parties to happen in one night.

So this year to celebrate the anniversary of Hart & Galla, we chose to host a HALLOWINE & SPIRITS PARTY and asked guests to come dressed as the drink they were bringing.

The night brought characters like Jager Bomb, Pink Lady, Yellow Tail, Fat Bastard, Slippery Nipple, Bombay Sapphire, Captain Morgan and many more…

Here are a few recipes for success we did to make the night fun, adventurous and slightly sinister


  • Line the entire room and hallway with translucent sheets of blood dripping from the ceiling
  • Pick up a mask and some inexpensive black fabric to create the “grim reaper” as a centrepiece to the buffet table
  • Incorporate candles, masks, spider webs anywhere and everywhere. We had them in the cupboards, fridge, bathroom, the main party room and outside
  • Eyeballs and Fingers were fantastic accessories to the food, the bar, and the music

Ghoul centrepiece


  • Guess who’s in our family tree? We printed off images of characters from horror movies and asked guests to name the horror film
  • A list developed over the course of the evening on what not to do in a horror movie (a la Scream)
  • Bring back the good old “feel game” complete with a draped area for guessing the brains, eyes, teeth, bones, ears and eyeballs

A twist on the guessing game- Our Family Tree Horror style

  • Monster Mayhem Veggies
  • Mummy’s Cartilage- Baguettes and Crostinis
  • The Hannibal Lectar Special- Proscuitto, Salami, Antipasto platter
  • Feta wrapped in grape leaves Fingers- coated with oil
  • Olive Eyeballs
  • Devilled Eggs- a paprika spiced devilled egg with red pepper horns
  • Monster Mash – a “deadly” combination of vodka, pineapple juice, lemon lime fizz, and lime sherbert
  • Ice made with turning a latex glove inside out and freezing

The Devil in Devilled Eggs



This just took a bit of imagination and a bit of effort but turned the night into an awesome experience. So here’s hoping your Halloween is super fun and super spirited.

Happy Halloween!

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