Motorcycle Party

Motorcycle Party

Nothing connects with women more than bling. Add a bike to it and you have one of the most exciting charity events imaginable.

This event was designed to engage women into the sport of motorcycling and helping them get closer to the idea of actually getting their license and riding one in Ottawa.

The focus was on stations that mixed everything that women love- hair, make-up, jewellery, shopping with stations on getting into motorcycling by reducing the intimidation and barriers women feel.

Motorcycle Stations included:

-A photo booth area that shot you on a motorcycle, complete with a take home souvenir.

-An information area on how to get your license

-A demonstration on a technique on how to lift a motorcycle if it fell (we had 100 lb women lifting a 400 lb motorcycle)

-A shopping area to suit you up for the ride


This was a charity event and did an incredible job of raising funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation in Ottawa.



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