My Windows Phone Experience

My Windows Phone Experience


3 weeks…that’s what they say it takes to get over a habit or into a new one.

3 weeks…That’s what it took to really deep dive into the new Microsoft Windows Phone.

At the beginning of December, Microsoft Canada asked a group of social savvy types to swap their existing phone for the new Windows Phone over the holidays on a program called #HolidaySwap. I like to take on new challenges and am a mid-early adaptor when it comes to technology so was happy to try out this adventure and see how I faired.

If you are looking for a new phone, this is definitely one to consider. Here are a few (many) parts of the phone I love and really enjoyed. So much so that my love affair with the Windows Phone will continue even now that the program is finished.

Starting up

Our house is full of tech but almost always its me asking my husband to help set things up since he is far less intimidated when it comes to embracing new pieces of technology. This time, I was going to force myself to figure it out. So the funny thing about that, is there wasn’t really anything needed to figure out. The sync to this new phone was completely intuitive and merely was a quick task of inputting social networks, some passwords and I was done. Easy Peasy.

Ease of Use

As a mom of two, business owner, house manager, family photographer, social consumer and resident navigator, I am looking for solutions that make my life easier. This phone provided an awesome snapshot of my daily life straight off the home page (Live Tiles), better quality photos and video (Carl Zeiss Lens), easier tools to manage both my personal life as well as my business (Skydrive) and the perfect companion (Kids Corner) when my kids felt it was their turn to take over the phone.


Overall Experience

I often encountered total strangers who asked me about the phone. Here are a few of the features I found myself often spouting great things about as I talked to them.

1) The kick-assness of the Camera

2) The access to XBOX live streaming

3) Nokia Drive

4) Nokia City Lens

5) One Note

6) Smart Shoot (see my video below)

7) SkyDrive

8) Nokia Maps

Brand Props

Having worked with a number of brands on social outreach campaigns, you often see products being given to bloggers to review without any further contact. Microsoft Canada was really open with all of us and  I appreciated how they stayed in touch with us throughout #HolidaySwap. They  shared where their products were going, challenges they faced and asked for honest feedback. They genuinely wanted to hear what everyone had to say about their experience and even included a debrief session as part of the program. In my perspective in terms of brand engagement, (which is where I live most days) they did a great job of creating relationships with this group of #Holidayswappers. And the coolest part is just how many of us are keeping the phone!

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