Olympic Kid Craft Idea

Olympic Kid Craft Idea


Looking for an easy Olympic craft or even better an activity for the whole day?

As the Olympics are fast approaching, we decided to create an Olympic themed day to entertain the kids at the cottage. Games are as creative as you can get them and it was a ton of fun watching them compete for their chance to the win on the podium.

Here is an easy summer craft that will have the kids vying for the finish line in hopes of getting a medal of their own.

Olympic Medal Craft

1) Purchase or recycle some Mason Jars that you can use around your patio as beautiful mood lighting during sweet summer nights.

2) Remove the Mason Jar lids and pop through the centre piece

3) Lay out for either metallic gold spray paint or give to the kids to paint themselves

4) Punch hole with nail (we taped the backside to make sure there wasn’t any possibility of scratching

5) Thread a 1’ thick silk ribbon through the hole and tie

6) Write on the front with the child’s accomplishments for the day.

7) We downloaded the Olympic theme off of ITunes Click here- Olympic Theme and had each of the kids step up to the picnic table as their podium. Each were awarded their own special medal and didn’t take it off for the rest of the day.

Some ideas for Olympic Kids games are: 

  1. High Jump (Cannonball)
  2. Steeplechase (Put a pool noodle between their legs and swim/peddle race to a parent and back)
  3. Long Distance Swim (Our right of passage is swimming to rock island on our lake. This is the first year the kids were willing to participate largely because of medal contention)
  4. Discus aka Ring Toss (Jumping into a hula hoop in the water or how far you can throw it)
  5. Diving  (Through a hula hoop, best technical dive, most creative jump)
  6. Gymnastics (Somersault or Cartwheel race)
  7. Canoeing/Kayaking Races
  8. Tug of War
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