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Motorcycle Party

Nothing connects with women more than bling. Add a bike to it and you have one of the most exciting charity events imaginable. This event was designed to engage women into the sport of motorcycling and helping them get closer to the idea of actually getting their license and riding one in Ottawa. The focus was on stations that mixed everything that women love- hair, make-up, jewellery, shopping with stations on getting into motorcycling by reducing the intimidation and barriers women feel. Motorcycle Stations included: -A photo booth area that shot you on a motorcycle, complete with a take home souvenir. -An information area on how to get your license -A demonstration on a technique on how to lift a motorcycle if it fell (we had 100 lb women lifting a 400 lb motorcycle) -A shopping area to suit you up for the ride   This was a charity event and did an incredible job of raising funds for the...

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Brazilian Carnivale Party

Nothing sizzles more than a Brazilian Themed Carnivale Party.  Turn the dial to HOT with an extra spicy, exotic, and energetic event that will knock your guests socks off. Decor We created the feeling of a Brazilian Street Carnivale with oversized giant round balloons in the traditional colours of blue, green and yellow. If you are looking to purchase these giant rounds, I picked them up from MSR Balloons. Note: with the brokerage fee I still saved a bit of money but it might have been easier purchasing in Canada if available. Every guest received a souvenir photo shot with a background of Rio and their favorite Samba girl to take home from the evening. Graffiti style table numbers played up the street piece while citrus coloured arrangements and sand filled mason jars helped keep the theme bright and lively. On the menu Signature Cocktails Caipirinha Brazilian Beach (Rum) Cocktail Salad: Palm Heart & Papaya Tropical Salad Entree: Sirloin of BBQ Beef...

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Dr. Seuss Party

How to do a Dr.Seuss party for under $100 Kids birthday parties can easily get quite expensive but you can do it much cheaper by just adding a bit of extra creativity to the mix. This idea might be a bit more effort but we did it in the weeks prior bits at a time and considering the money it saved, was well worth it. Below is a snapshot on how we created something out of hardly anything and had one of the best birthday parties around! Put me in the Zoo House Start by placing poster board polka dots everywhere outside the house to create excitement for the party as soon as guests arrive. BUY sheets of poster board from the dollar store and cut out two sizes that using a template could typically get 4-5 polka dots out of each piece. Adhere using duct tape. To get to the backyard, we created a balloon...

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