Adventure of the Windows Phone #HolidaySwap

Adventure of the Windows Phone #HolidaySwap


For a person who looks to her phone like an extension of her right arm, I can come clean and admit I’m a bit of an addict. Don’t get me wrong, my kids and my husband (hopefully) will never say they suffer from my addiction to the social space, but I do REALLY enjoy it and am intrigued with how social media is defining the varying degrees we all engage online .

When Microsoft Canada asked me to swap my current phone for a Windows Phone over the holidays, I was a bit apprehensive at first. I am a fan of adapting early to technology but knew this would be to be more than a BIT of a learning curve…I would be working with a new phone, running my business, doing it all at the busiest time of year while figuring out the ins and outs, apps and tricks of a brand new product. I jumped in, excited to take on the challenge and see how I could do in this #HolidaySwap.

To add to the challenge, my first week of using the new Windows Phone involved a trip to New York City. Here is what I encountered along the way…

As I played in the airport on the way down, one of my first surprise and delights was that I could take the list of applications available and PIN whatever I wanted to my home page. I played around creating my perfect series of pins including my social networks, a family group (where I could watch every update/text/post from my family), hashtags I am watching, email accounts, and a few of my favorite apps. The customized tiles suddenly felt full of my personality and reflective of the different facets of my life.

I will have a number of other posts about my experience with the #HolidaySwap challenge but would love to talk about a few features I really enjoyed on my trip away and key elements I would recommend fit perfectly into my on the go lifestyle.

Here are a few of my initial favorite things…

 One note

Before I left  had a chance to play with One Note- an easy to use note app that provides a one stop content hub for all my relevant information. I was inspired by one of the samples they provided and created an entire itinerary complete with air and hotel info, to do lists, sightseeing, maps and voice memos. Once again, this pinned to my home page had everything about New York accessible at the tip of my fingers and incredibly convenient.

Windows Phone Custom Tile Screen Shot Windows Phone One Note Screen Shot


Nokia Maps

As all of us travelling from Canada to the US know, data and roaming charges can be a bit of a b”%^$. I downloaded a Nokia Maps of Manhattan, pinned it to my front page and had it accessible (without the need for wifi) throughout my trip. I cannot tell you how awesome it was to not have to quickly open something up, look at it and worry about consuming data charges. This was easy, zoomable and the perfect companion to travelling a new city.

Windows Phone Nokia Map Screenshot



Nokia City Lens

All I can say it “How Cool is that?” Simply hold your phone up, point in a direction and as you turn, you see locations of various shops/restaurants that you are close to, what direction they are in and how far.

On a very happy side note: If you are in NYC and happen to be close to 7th Ave, we discovered (via Nokia City Lens), The Irish Pub,

Seriously folks…BEST…CURRY…CHIPS EVER!!!!

HD Video

By far one of my ultimate fave features on this phone, I have found myself spouting the virtues of the quality video on here to EVERYONE! For people who take a lot of videos or integrate video into their line of work, you couldn’t find a better example of clarity, definition and steadiness. I had the good fortune to come across the neatest application of projection on the side of a building by Rockefeller Centre and thought I would share. This is me simply holding my phone and shooting. Check out the clarity and the sound that came through. So awesome.



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