On behalf of Canadian Lentils I am happy to provide reference that we worked with Jennifer Powell and her team with Hart & Galla to plan and execute an overwhelmingly successful Mardi Gras themed event at BlissDom Canada Conference on Friday October 16th.

Conventional conference space was transoformed into New Orleans and the French Quarter to celebrate Mardi Gras and elevate the Canadian Lentils promotional brand, connecting the fun, excitement, and uniqueness of Mardi Gras to the versatility of lentils in cuisine.

Jennifer and her team took an idea and built it out into a living and interactive experience for us, incorporating entertainment, character, activities, and of course elevating the most important piece – the food! Jennifer’s ideas are what made the event a unique and over the top experience, and her connections to get it done on the ground were imperative to the success of the event.

We have relied on Hart & Galla’s expertise for multiple events now – their commitment to creativity, thinking outside the box, and presenting a truly experiential event that could never be re-created is a tribute to their success. They leave attendees talking for months and years to come about how great the parties we throw together are.
Amber Johnson, Manager, Market Promotions, Canadian Lentils/Saskatchewan Pulse Growers

“A great creative thinker that is always open for new ideas and suggestions. Able to think way outside the box and a great person to work on any number of projects. Excellent attitude towards life and always knows how to get things done no matter what the challenge is. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!!” November 22, 2010
Marcus Kihn, President & Creative Director, Alles Advertising & Design

“Jennifer is a results-oriented individual with a wide variety of experience that covers many aspects of Marketing. She specializes in promotion and event management but is very knowledgeable in other areas including media, customer segmentation and budget management. She cares deeply about teamwork and focuses on getting the job done. Highly recommended.”
Ric Marrero, Owner, The Great Company. Former National Marketing Director;  Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada

“As a client, Jennifer is strategic, fair, articulate and most of all she makes you want to do the best possible for her and her company. As a person, Jennifer is warm, fun and extremely personable. I have had the pleasure of having Jennifer as a client for over 7 years in different capacities and in every case she has been at the center of incredible results, marketing brilliance and most of all fun! Thanks for making working hard rewarding!” November 20, 2009
Ian Barnett, Former VP Business Development, Spider Marketing Solutions

“Jennifer has always been a delight to work with. She seems to have an endless source of inspiration as well an incredible knowledge of who are the major players as well as where you should go to in any industry to get answers. 
I have also seen Jennifer at several events where she displays a passion for what she does as well as the ability of being a tireless promoter. Jennifer is truly a delight to deal with and a genuinely nice person. Great combination for anyone to have.” March 18, 2010
Ernie Raymond, Chief Creativity Officer, Agile 1 Marketing and Promotions

“Jennifer is result-driven, detail oriented and dedicated and passionate about the brands she represents. She’s has a good balance of the tactical mayhem and strategic aspects of her work and is positive throughout. I enjoyed working with Jenn and would recommend her anywhere.” September 2, 2009
Greg Clark, Senior Account Manager, non-linear creations inc.